Why CikAtunBanyakNama?

8:33:00 AM

Well, as the name suggest (MsAtunLotsaName – as Miss Morbids terms it), I do have lots of names. Or in a layman term, too many nicknames. - ha!

My name consists of 14 letters, which resulted in 11 variation of nicknames. At times, I was confused by my own name. It doesn’t help either when I usually addressed myself with my nicknames instead of ‘saya’, ‘aku’, or 'I' or even ‘kita’.

For example, group A of people call me Atun, and group B of people call me Tun, while group C and D call me with other nicknames. Usually I had no trouble switching back and forth, left and right, but confusion actually happenned when I came back to work after a long (and blissful) maternity leave.

‘Akma tak taula pasal tu,’ I said.

And my colleagues were eyeing me strangely.

Frowning, I then recalled that I am called Tun at work. Oooppss. Wrong nickname!

Cik Atun: Confused!

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