Product Reviews: Jingle Jungle Awesome Mom Cooler Bag (Black)

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Back in February, before my little baby was born, I purchased a Back-to-Work breastpump set from one of the leading online shops dedicated for mothers and babies. It was a good set since the basic necessities for pumping mothers are included in the set. But today, I’m going to talk (or rant) about one of the most important product for pumping mothers at work, cooler bag.

This Jingle Jungle Awesome Cooler Bag was included in the package that I purchased. It’s compact, pleasing to the eyes since it’s not bulky, and easy to be stored if it’s not being used. It did serve its purpose, i.e. keeping the expressed breast milk chilled with the help of the ice packs (I’ll review the ice packs later).

However, I did find faults regarding this item ever since I started to use it 2 days ago.

On day one, the day I went to work for the first time, one of its slider puller tap of the top compartment broke. Luckily the bag has two sliders so I didn’t want to make a fuss out of it as long as one of them is functioning well.

Regrettably, imagine my frustration when the other slider puller tab broke too after just 3 days of use! Here I am, at work, trying to juggle things along and this happened. Very VERY disappointing. I know it came with the package but apparently the bag costs about RM70 when purchased alone. You would expect a better quality of materials used with the amount of money you are paying, right? For a pricey cooler bag like this, problems with the zippers are not a trivial matter.

I don’t know if I got the faulty batch, but to be honest, I hope the manufacturer will look on this immediately. The lower compartment zippers pullers still survive at the point I’m writing this, but who knows how long it will hold on (forever, I hope).

Look at the broken puller at the side of the bag. Arghh!

I had to be creative and used treasury tags as puller instead!

The top compartment was claimed to be able to house the breast pump well. It’s the plain truth, because only the pump itself and the tubes go in. I couldn’t fit the flanges and power adapter into the compartment, so I had to shove them into my handbag. It’s pretty disappointing for me since it’s a bit tedious to keep the parts away from each other (you-get-what-I-mean?).

But even it I keep the pump in the compartment, you can see part of it protruding when you zipped the bag. I guess the bag is too small for Modu… maybe other pumps can fit the compartment well.

Modu and tubes in

Can you see the protruded part?

That’s about it… other than this two problems, I didn’t have any other thing to complaint. The most important thing is, it serves its purpose well. To keep the cold well insulated within. If not for the zipper and problem #2, this post will be under Tested and Recommended section.


Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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