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My all-time favourite drama is a JDorama called Beautiful Life. I honestly can't remember how and when I ended up watching the drama, but I do remember bawling like an idiot as the drama nearing its end.

Starring Takuya Kimura and Takako Tokiwa, I believe the drama was kind of HUGE during the time it was aired. A touching story, wonderful casts, I can't find any faults about this drama.

The story centred around both Shuji (Kimura) and Kyoko (Tokiwa). They met for the first time in front of a library where Kyoko works. Shuji, hairstylist from Hot Lip was there to do some research on hair styles. They don't really like each other at first, but as time passed, they became friends and of course, lovers later on.

I can't remember what illness Kyoko had that chained her onto the wheelchair, but I loved the fact that Shuji had never regarded her like a disabled person but treated her equally. In one of the moving scenes (for me, maybe not for others), Shuji crunched down, making his eyes leveled with Kyoko's and said, 'ah, so this is how you viewed the world.' He made her feel that her disability is not such a big problem but an opportunity to be a bit different from others.

Like other love stories, theirs was net with so many obstacles too, with occurrences of noble idiocy (like when Kyoko backed down when Shuji's ex decided that she wanted Shuji back in her life). But that being said, they pushed through the obstacles together until one fine day Kyoko finally succumbed to her illness.

I remember crying until my head hurts as Shuji applied make up on Kyoko's before she was cremated. I usually get annoyed when the heroin of a story had to die, but I was genuinely upset instead for both Shuji and Kyoko.

Despite this drama being one of my all-time favourite, I rarely do a rerun of the episodes, knowing all to well I'll ended up crying again.

Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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