11 Major Things In My Life

8:00:00 AM

Ages ago, I listed few major events which I hope will take place, someday in my humble life.

1. Off to boarding school

2. Accepted by a university

3. Get a job

4. Marry my sweetheart and have a happy marriage

5. Have (tons of) kids

6. Buy a car

7. Built our own house

8. Ensure kids' health and education

9. Send parents for Haj

10. Marry off the kids

11. Become good grandparents

12. Go to Mecca with husband for Haj.

While the items in the list are not in any particular order, few events had taken place in my life and I am very grateful for it. Some haven't, so I prayed to God for the day to come. Item no. 4 is taking place at the moment and we are trying to realise item no. 5. -eh?

But least had I expected at this baby steps point of our married life, we are in the middle of realising item no. 7, building our own house. Few months back I had thought that I might have to revise it into 'buy a house' but God had been generous to us. We are actually building our home sweet home! Yeay!

We expected that it wasn't going to be easy with lots and lots of processes to go through but suffice to say after a long wait, our land was cleared and few days later, beams were tusked into the ground! I was happy, hubs was too, and in front of our own eyes, our house materialized bits by bits and boy, wasn't I excited!

A loving husband, a healthy and adorable baby, plus a home of our own? Life had not been better!

Cik Atun: Syukur, Alhamdulillah.

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