Top Chef

1:32:00 AM

I am a big fan of Top Chef. Whenever the show is on, I'll be watching (that is, if, the remote control is under my command).

My favourite chef was Fabio, from which season I honestly don't remember because I couldn't keep track. (For the love of God they were airing the show so randomly on so many different channel! Okay, just these 2 channels but you know what I mean). He is so charming~! He was the fourth runner up in the season he participated, so I guess he is also a good cook? -ha!

My favourite Top Chef Masters was Hubert Keller because he is so calm and collected and brilliant! And while I watched the spin off Top Chef: Just Desert, nobody actually caught my attention.

And the motive of this post? I don't know.

Cik Atun: Might be because of I am not a good cook, it's more fun to watch others who is, essentially, brilliant at it. LOL.

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