Why Do You Stoop So Low?

9:11:00 AM

I was browsing through facebook when I come across this screen cap of two adults conversing on facebook comment section.

I wish I didn't read any of it but my curiosity won the battle. Thankfully my brain is functioning well despite my late night gig thanks to Haifa, so I didn't take any screen cap of that conversation which was full with obscenity and wrong ideas.

But those got of thinking, why would A, respond to B who was using degrading words with the same words too?

Why do you had to stoop that low to communicate with that person who was hurling obscenity to you?

He said fuck your mom and you replied the same.

Why do you have to stoop that low?

Remember what Rasulullah SAW did when he was cursed in public? Did he cursed back the one who did that?

No, he didn't. He just smiled and let it go.

And yes, I do agree we have maybe a fraction of his akhlak, but we can try to be like him right?

It's definitely not easy but I believe if we try our hardest, we always can.

Because I had the experience to be called a fucking Muslim, and I went through that situation fairly objectively, without having to call that person with not-so-kind adjectives.

Cik Atun: Alhamdulillah.

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