Entering 27 Years Of Life

5:05:00 PM

Alhamdulillah, today I am a 27 years old blissfully married woman with an adorable daughter.

I received my birthday present from Hubby a tad bit earlier so I wasn't expecting any surprises until my in laws turned up with a yummy cake, bought by hubby la, of course. Pandai ek simpan rumah mama dulu... Sneaky you! Hehe.

Coincidentally my family was around too so I got myself a mini birthday bash with only cake and homemade beef burger on the menu! Also boiled sweet corns, souvenir from Cameron Highlands (will update later on that impromptu trip).

So. Happy birthday to me. Thank you Allah for all the nikmat you had given me even though I am such a lacking servant... Thank You.

Cik Atun: Thank you abang! So sweet of you... :'-) love you too!

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