Rambut Tebal = Pening + Sakit Kepala?

3:46:00 PM

Well, that’s what my mom had always believed. Angin ngap ngap katanya.

Albeit sceptical about it before, I think I am this close of believing her now. Close, but not yet.

I was bedridden once because of pening once, and the fact that I was again bedridden on my birthday because of the very same reason this year! Totally not cool and disappointing. The night before my sister was planning to belanja all of us at Kenny Rogers so in the end we cannot go. Because of the pening birthday mummy. Ceh.

Before my mom berangkat balik - as always she’s full of advices about taking care of hubby and Haifa – told me,  

Pegi potong rambut. Dah tebal sangatlah tu asyik pening dengan sakit kepala je.

-_-;; okay mom….

So last Monday, Hubby dropped me to the salon he always frequented after work. The name’s CUT AND CUT and hubby said that apparently the stylist had experience working at a top salon in Singapore so she can do almost any haircut you asked her for.

I was like ‘Betul ke ni?’ and he told me the amoi said so herself. I choose to believe him so that’s why I ended up there to trim bits of my hair. Furthermore, hubby said they have a special corner, fully concealed room specially for ladies wearing hijab.

Actually that is the sole reason why he gave the green light to cut my hair there. Heee…

The salon is situated behind TESCO Station 18, the same area where Station 18 1Malaysia Clinic is located. Here’s the map of the salon (free advertising. Muahaha).

View My frequented places in a larger map

I asked for a simple cut since I wanted my hair to be more manageable. I didn’t want to do any layering because I suffered post-natal hair loss – which is quite bad. Believe me when I say bad because it really is. BAD. T_T I am afraid if I layered them, half of my hair will be gone!

I managed to snap few pictures of the salon while waiting for hubby (I asked him to buy Haifa’s Formula from Kedai Ubat near Pasir Putih while I got my hair cut). In the end, I had to wait for him about 5 minutes (would be more if I didn’t linger around to take pictures. Hahah…).

The place is cosy, spacious, with friendly stylist and staff. The price was pretty reasonable I guess. I paid RM 12 for a basic haircut. It looked good too in my eyes.

The salon interior

Inside the room. Can fit 3 people at once.

I always watched hubby getting his hair cut from this angle. Hehe...

There's a sign at the door saying 'Tempat khas untuk yang bertudung' or something like that la..
couldn't remember or snap pics because hubby already arrived.

The only problem with this salon was parking space. There was this car workshop nearby so there’s lots of kereta rosak parked around so you may have to park a bit far from the salon.

The salon is closed on Wednesday (I think). Do give it a try if you happened to be in the area AND if you badly need a haircut.

Cik Atun: Pening tetap pening jugak. Haih.

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