Haifa And Chicken With Apple Porridge

4:05:00 AM

After my self-reflecting post earlier, I decided it's time to introduce real rice and chicken to Haifa's tastebud. Furthermore, she's 7+ months and oh, she's got a tooth emerging from her lower gum already! Yeay!

Besides, she just learned how to crawl, I figured she will need more carbs and protein to get going.

So the slow cooker get into action again. Afraid that she won't take the porridge well, I cooked about two tablespoon of rice with an icecube of chicken broth (which I prepared earlier on) and a quarter of an apple.

Thinking about it again, I think that was part of my mistake. I kind of had it set on my mind that Haifa wouldn't like it, even though the porridge tasted yummy to my tastebud.

After the porridge is done I let it cool for a while until lukewarm and served it to Haifa. With first spoonful she already gagged, the second she looked as if she tasted spoilt food, at third she coughed everything out.

Being not so easily discourage, I gave her a bit of water and tried again after about 10 minutes.

And again, she didn't take it well. She gagged repeatedly and hubby told me off. T_T

I'm so sad but there's nothing I could do at that moment. In a fit of disappointment, I threw the leftovers of the porridge into the bin.

However, I promised myself that I won't be deterred by this incident. I will try again, and this time, I'll make a lot because Haifa will love it.

Cik Atun: Aja aja fighting!

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