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Haifa is already approaching 8 months old and yet I am only posting this now. Haha.

To be honest I am really unenthusiastic about starting solids for Haifa since I am not a good cook. I burnt almost everything on stove so you can imagine how bad I am (I even spoil a lempeng once, so embarrassing).

So in the end I caved in because Haifa was so happy munching her forefinger every time she spotted us munching foods so I felt a bit guilty. Furthermore, Haifa had already passed with flying colours, ticking the entire checklist on ‘Are Your Baby Ready For Solids’ which I got from a website. Can’t remember the website now, but I remember reading almost the same checklist in Dr Halina’s blog (in this post here).

Haifa was 5 months and 3 weeks when she had her first solid, which is Heinz bottled puree, perisa Epal.

I took a video of her eating for the first time but I won’t be posting it here because my family members were on it and they are not wearing tudung (of course la kan, family home video, takde sapa expect I would snap few pictures or record a video).

I think it is quite sour because she kept having the same facial reaction when I ate a Nano Nano andy or asam masin.

Haifa: Masamnya tolonggg!!!!

Poor her! Haha. She ate two heaped teaspoon of it and fortunately she doesn’t have any trouble such as being gassy the next day. She pooped on schedule nevertheless so I guess she can take apple just like her mom and dad. Hee.

A nurse advised me to start giving her porridge with veges, chicken or bilis during Haifa’s 6 month check up so I was determined to make her some.

And I don’t know where that determination went (into the clinic drain, perhaps?) because few days later we went to Tesco and bought baby cereal instead. Ha. T_T

So she’s been having baby rice, pureed apple and nothing else. My MIL also bought her Cerelac ‘Beras and Soya’ and also Farley Rusk so my conscience was jabbing me every now and then looking at her limited menu. I wanted to cook for her, and yet I didn’t cook any.

 Am I making up excuses? *sigh*

A trip to electric shop (the one I got all my electrical appliances – ok, not all but almost ALL) changed me a bit. Hubby purchased a slow cooker at RM65 and two days later, I am preparing Haifa’s first chicken broth.

But since she’s not yet 7 and I was afraid to introduce the broth inside her food, so I resorted to mashed steamed carrots and gave it to her. She doesn’t take it well. She had few spoonful of it and the rest was history.

I gave her some dates too and luckily she munch on it without much problem. She likes it, I think (anak ayah lah tu, ayah dia manis-manis suka sangatlah...).

But funnily enough, when I gave her mashed banana, she gagged. I think she hated bananas. Or maybe the banana I gave her was not ripe enough so it has a weird taste. But I tasted the banana before giving her and it taste just like banana. >.<

Hubby told me to give her some time to adapt to the new flavours since it’s new to her taste bud.

Fair enough.

Now she’s 7+ months so I am planning to give her porridge for the first time and see if she would take it well. My only concern is her lack of bowel movement and eating rice will surely aggravate the situation. However, I should be more worried if she became a picky eater later right? @.@

I’ll share about the ‘new’ adventure (for both me and Haifa) later but in the meantime, let’s stick to carrots, apples, bananas, dates, and baby cereal. Shall we?

Cik Atun: Serabut!

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  1. oloh cian dier. my baby xde problem mkn but, he's gaining weigh very slow.adeshh

    btw, Umar suke chicken porridge
    storage gune beaba punye

  2. dia memilih sikit, anak saya ni. entahlah macam mana...

    ikut mak dia kot. ngeee...


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