Confusing Euphemism

9:28:00 AM

Before I became acquainted with blogger, I frequented forums and if you happen to read my older post, you will know that once upon a time, I’ve been-there-done-that.

Unlike blog, forums are quite a hectic place. There was this girl from Iowa, another from Osaka, from Milan, and not to forget from KL, all with different views, different temperaments, different styles. There will be groups of thoughtful forumers, but there will also be a group of brash – how-do-I-put-this-in-kind-words – people which gets on somebody’s nerve. Virtual-fighting is so common (in certain topic) that you could either
a. Join the ‘fun’
b. Observe quietly at the side
c. Leave the topic ASAP
There’s that and there’s the ‘urge’ to have the coolest, the most awesome, the most [insert whatever adjective you wanted to use] avatar and also signature accompanying your post.

To be honest, I’ve been-there-done-that too.

But one that tickled me pink most (at that time) was someone’s signature (can’t remember who) which said,

If world gives you lemon, throw them back!

The first time reading it, I was like, what does the lemon has to do with anything?

The sentence bugged my mind for about a year until I came across a signature that ‘violated rules of the forum’ and there’s this link to the rules.

I clicked on the link.

I had the laugh of my life.


Turns out that that darn lemon was the word which will be automatically changed into when somebody typed shit anywhere in the forum!

Now it all makes sense.

If the world gives you shit, throw them back!

Shit = Lemon

*tangan di dada, mata ke atas*

Cik Atun: Sabo jelah.

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