Breakfast #1

11:59:00 AM

A trip back home reunite me with my forgotten waffle maker I purchased from Lidl few years ago. But the weird thing is I can't really remember using it until my sister mentioned we tried once at home.

So this morning I felt obliged to try making waffle using waffle recipe I found on the internet. Beria cari sebab I vaguely remember we used pancake batter last time and the result was a disaster. Haha!

Alhamdulillah, using a true Belgian waffle recipe, hubs and I successfully cooked about 10 waffles. Thankfully we still have supply of nutella at home. Kalau tak makan kosong jela.hehe.

Last waffle posing dengan waffle maker and the last bit of Nutella penyelamat dunia.

The verdict?

Hubs: Sedap tapi a bit eggy.

Me: Tak manis sangat even ada sugar added to the batter.

Cik Atun: Janji perut diisi.haha.

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