30 Minit Bersama Ustaz Don

11:05:00 PM

Apparently Haifa enjoyed watching Ustaz Don on TV.

Hubs was away for some meeting in Putrajaya so I tumpang my MIL for the time being. Haifa was fast asleep from 7 but suddenly crying her heart out two hours later without apparent reason. *sigh* Since then dia asyik nak berdukung je so I gave her the astro remote control before setting her on the toto in front of the TV.

I then went to switch on the fan when she switch on the tv, browsing through the channels from AXN to DIVA to Prima to Zee and finally Alhijrah.

On air live was Ustaz Don, and Haifa kept watching with her head up listening to him as he discussed about jemaah dalam solat. Pity I don't have my phone at that time to snap a picture or two. Adorable I tell you!

It's kind of funny and awesome at the same time, making me think twice about installing Astro at our home. Hmmm.

And I think Ustaz Don is kinda cool type of ustaz. To be honest this is the first time seeing him live on air, and now I understand the hype surrounding him that I always see on Facebook and blogs. But better late then never, no?

Cik Atun: Haifa went to sleep again half am hour after the show ended.*sigh of relief* Thank God...

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