Food Critic #1

9:49:00 AM

After few bites

Grilled chicken with black pepper sauce, rice and sweet corn.

RM 14 (exclude gov tax)

Chicken was tender, rice was soft and warm. The sweet corn was a bit undercooked, so it's crunchy but not as sweet as a true sweet corn.

The sauce was cooked to the right consistency (according to my personal preference) but a little bit too 'black peppery' (to quote my husband opinion). They poured too much of the sauce on the plate to the point that all I can taste was black pepper.

It’s a pity since the chicken was cooked perfectly, soft and tender and melted in my mouth. It got too hot after few bites, but luckily my stomach could handle the spiciness even after ‘berpantang’ from taking black pepper for so long starting from Haifa’s jaundice diagnosed.

All in All 
Won’t be having this for quite some time. Hee…

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