A Bad Day at Paeds Clinic

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I'm really sorry to start writing in September with such a sour note, but I couldn't help it either (and to say that I'm pissed is an understatement because I'm thoroughly angry and disappointed)

Haifa developed diaper rashes which did not go away for about a week before we decided its better we consult a paediatrician since the rashes worsen. We have 2 options,

a. To consult Paeds at GH; or
b. To consult Paeds who operates their own clinic (private clinic la kan).

Since her condition aggravates rapidly so we decided to go with option B and off to Fair Park we go in search of such clinic.

To cut the story short (I shall omit a tragedy happened while we are searching for this specialist), we finally decided to go to G Clinic and see what the Paeds there has to say. There were lots of people, and we waited for quite a while before seeing the doctor.

The doctor was nice and helpful and sympathetic, which ticked few scores on my book. He gave us a repack cream (which I forgot to ask what it is) and told us to apply it on Haifa's rashes. I did religiously and the rashes on her groin disappear, only to spread on her thighs instead. That cream costs us RM48 and we had high hopes that the rashes will cease so imagine our disappointment.

Then I did what any mothers will do, try another type of cream bought off the counter. This time the cream was recommended by MIL because Haifa’s cousin developed same rashes and it went away quickly after applying the cream (hydrocortisone).

Alas, the rashes didn't go away but kept spreading. Naturally I am very worried since it's been three weeks, there were no improvements and my little daughter groin and thighs started look as red as a chilli! After discussing with hubby all over again, he asked me to bring Haifa back to the clinic since he was away for training this week.

I did that on 3rd September and guess what?

I almost wished that I didn't bring her and purchase another type of cream over the counter instead!

It all started when we waited for our turn to see the doctor. There were only three families waiting including us and when a Chinese family went in, I knew afterwards it would be our turn. The clock strike 3.45 pm at that time. The other Malay family, which consists of the parents and a son and a daughter, were left waiting with us.

Then suddenly these two men with Panasonic shirt on entered the clinic, equipped with tools and ladder. I was wondering what they are doing there when the door into the treatment room opened and previous family walked out. I breathe a sigh of relief knowing we will be next, only to be left bewildered when the two men walked in instead. Horrified, I asked the staff at counter if they are servicing the air conditioner and she said yes. 10 points omitted from my book of approval. When asked for how long we shall wait, she said 30 minutes! I was on the verge of screaming my daughter won't last that long, she's sleepy and super cranky when they just gave me that unapologetic smile. Minus another 10 points.

While waiting, the two kids that we waiting with us started to play with each other and boy, weren’t they were super loud! My daughter started crying and here I am, trying to get her to sleep while the two kids running up and down the corridor, yelling. I looked at their parents, the mother was not even paying attention and all she does was reading a book while the father nods off on the couch. I can't believe what I saw really. I mean, what the hell? Didn’t they know that their kids are causing public disturbance?

To be honest if I am a bit kurang ajar I would have told the parents to reprimand their kids before I kicked their arses. But knowing all too well that I can't guarantee my kids won't end up like their kids, I kept my mouth shut even though I started to get headache with all the shouting and running.

Keeping my eyes shut I repeated the mantra ‘they are just kids, they are just kids’ in my mind only to be more and more annoyed by the minutes looking at them. I tried glaring but they avoided my eyes and kept shouting. And Haifa kept on crying.

I am at the verge of exploding but luckily it was our turn so my mother and I quickly enter the treatment room, with Haifa crying her heart out. There was the doctor, asking the nurse to weigh Haifa first while he godek-godek his computer which wasn’t printing. My mom dukung Haifa again because she started crying super loud but the doctor just ignores us and still fussing with his printer!

I dah bercekak pinggang at his side and wanted to scold him! But he is the doctor who will be diagnosing what’s wrong with Haifa’s thigh so I kept my mouth shut while gritting my teeth.

Luckily he has the ball to apologise. But of course la kan, Haifa dah memang mengamuk sakan and bila letak je dia jerit satu Fair Park boleh dengar. So the doctor can only have a glimpse on what had appeared on her thigh and he quickly gave me another type of cream (candacort and terbicip) . I asked him why the previous cream doesn’t work and he just shrugged.

I am soooooo ready to strangle him at that point! What the heck.

Lepas tu I dah malas nak Tanya banyak-banyak so I hantar my mom and Haifa to our car while I waited for the ‘new’ cream.

The two kids were still outside, and they were still super loud! Tangan gatal je nak ketamkan budak-budaktu tapi anak orang kan, nanti tak pasal gaduh pulak. Tapi memang serius kalau anak aku, memang dah kena cubitan ketam yang paling sakit dah tu.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the parents! Buat tak peduli je, is that the case when they were at home too?

Tolongla, when your kids become a public nuisance, do something about it!

So in the end, I paid RM50 for the cream and a session with that crappy doctor. I hope the cream works because if it doesn’t, it will be such a waste of time.

Cik Atun: Won’t disclose the clinic name but I pray to God none of you will experience the same thing if you happen to go to that clinic. Amin.

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