Chaotically moving in

4:36:00 PM

...or moving in chaotically?

That aside, we moved in already! Yeay!!!

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It felt like yesterday when we had the conversation with contractor Y about building our dream house. And today we are actually living in it!

I am so happy, at the same time feeling a bit sad, tired, excited, worried, and scared mindless. All these emotions were jumbled up in my mind and heart for the past few days until my head hurts!

It felt so surreal! After all these while... I felt like crying too. *sobs*

Thank you Allah for this ‘gift’ You had presented us with. We can’t thank You enough, so we will continue to thank You everyday. Thank you.

I’ll post more about this later... until then. Taaa...!

Cik Atun: *does a happy dance*

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