Lunch at Dubuyo

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At times I heavily considered to be a food blogger but then I realised that I wasn't doing restaurant hopping that frequently. Furthermore, dining with two small kids is not a small feat (at least to me) so every now and then me and Mr. Q will try to arrange our schedule so that we can have our lunch together.

We are actually loyal customers i.e. we rarely tried something new unless the menu impresses us. But then, that particular day might have something in the air since Mr. Q suggested that we should try Dubuyo for a change.

Off we go, to its' IOI City Mall outlet in Putrajaya.

Virgin to Korean dishes (Mr. Q is, not me) we settled for #Seoulawesome Daily Deals which came with a choice of korean green tea, ice peach tea or roasted barley tea.

Do check out their other menu!

Mr Q decided that he wanted honey garlic bulgogi chicken so I went for kimchi soondobu jigae so that we can taste two different dishes. We got some other side dishes such as kimbap and spicy toppoki which later proven to be such a worng decision because we were TOO full at the end of the lunch! But I didn't really regret it LOL

Our lunch spread

The final verdict? Honey bulgogi chicken was succulent, the flavour was spot on because you can actually taste honey and garlic and soy sauce and nutty flavour from sesame oil. As for my kimchi jigae, I tasted better. So it was kind of a let down since the rice was nice and fluffy.

Kimchi kimbap tasted like kimbap. Hahaha. Mr Q expected it to be some kind of sushi so it was a let down for him. I tried to tell him sushi and kimbap might look the same but has different flavour profile but he doesn't take my words seriously. He learnt the hard way.

And our mutual favourite of the day is spicy toppoki. Sweet and spicy at the same time, chewy rice cakes was served with slices of fish cakes and hard boiled egg. Mr Q liked it since the dish taste almost like his favourite yong tau fu. For me, I loved it because of the broth itself. Perfect balance of everything. Might order again if we decided to visit the outlet again.

Till then.

Cik Atun: 잘 먹겠습니다...🍴

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