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It was my birthday a few days back. And being 23rd this year, huge celebration is not necessary. 😝


The day before, hubs asked if we are going to get a cake, since my firstborn really love a good, moist chocolate cake. I was thinking of getting the same cake I got for his birthday a month before but he certainly had different ideas.

On the actual day, after a light breakfast he very casually asked if I wanted to go to my (current) favourite bakery to celebrate. My mind started churning and all of sudden he was all...

Let's go to the bakery HQ, it was in Shah Alam right? We can go to Aeon afterwards. 

After contemplating for a few minutes, I said okay but then he suggested,

If you don't want to go there, let's try another bakery called Cake Jalan Tiung. It's around there somewhere. 


Off we go to this bakery without nothing much to expect. Kids and I fell asleep and suddenly we were almost there. Hubs wasn't sure about the bakery/cafe address so he asked my to find it online. I quickly searched their Instagram and sent us straight to Menara Naza TTDI in Seksyen 13.

The bakery was closed. 😅

My bad.

I didn't realised that they had two outlets and the one in Menara Naza is closed on weekends. So we reroute to Seksyen 9 where the main branch were and luckily it wasn't that far away. 5 minutes later, we arrived at our destination. Phew!

First impression?

Are we at the right place? And why is the signboard so small? 

We kind of expecting the cafe to be quaint and quiet. Quaint it is. But quiet? It is not.

Hubs getting me assortments of cakes. Yehaaaaaa 😋

To be honest, I was quite surprised on the amount of patrons in the cafe. I mean it's only 2 p.m. and the cafe doesn't even serve lunch. But maybe it was just me who were outdated. Lunch doesn't even mean lunch like in the good old days now. Gosh, I sounded like a grandma.

Excuse the wrong caption. 😅

Hubs bought me a slice of pavlova, he got himself salted caramel & chocolate cake and a huge creampuff which aptly called creampuffsaurus. Everything was yums especially the pavlova, which was the best I ever had. Thumbs up. No more wondering why the cafe is full of people. Haha!

It wasn't until we were about to leave that I finally realised how popular the cafe was. Patrons kept coming, whether for take aways or dine in despite it's location. A hidden gem indeed.

Not sure if we are coming back for their cakes near future. But if we are in Shah Alam, I can't see why not.

Cik Atun: Price-wise - a bit on the higher side but the food's delicious so...

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