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Current hobby of mine. Henna.

I am truly a henna lover since I was a little kid. But back then my sister and me (and my mom) would pluck henna leaves from the tree, smash it and mix it with tea brew and rice... and put it on our fingertips. We loved our hot red henna... and I remember feeling disappointed if the henna didn't turn out good after wearing it throughout the night. 😅

And now... since everything (literally) can be bought online, I bought body art henna powder to be mixed and being a first timer, it doesn't really turn well. Haha. I think I got a little too impatient since my eldest had been bugging (bila boleh pakai mak... nak pakai inai). 😪

I totally forgot to google the powder's dye release (the powder I got, Jamila summer crop needs to be left for up to 48 hours for dye release!) and only after 5 hours, the henna was applied on our nails and top of hand. No wonder it doesn't really have the red tone. It just turned orange. 😅

It's okay. Lesson learnt. Would patiently wait next time. And these are the outcome of ny henna... not bad right?

Right after applying it. First timer, handiwork is not that neat

The henna (albeit the colour, but it is my fault for not letting it rest for dye release) stayed on my hands for two weeks! It fades a lot after a week but you can still see it on my hands for quite a long time. Impressive eh?

Cik Atun: Will try again next time. 😊

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