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I believe every single soul on this Earth would at least have a wish list of things they wanted to have. Whether they realised it or not. For example, on 2012 someone wanted a wallet. In 2013, he craved for a Honda Civic car for his birthday. Putting those two together, they make a list, no? :P

I have my own list too. And to tell you the truth, they had been growing in numbers (I mean the items, not the list!) and to even look at them made me scared. Haha. Do I really need them? Or it is just I wanted them so badly so they made it to the list?

Over the years, my wish list had been on the realistic side. I had never wished for a Ferrari or Lamborghini because I know, I had to pull a miracle to buy those even in 10 years’ time. 

To me, a wish list should be as realistic as possible because wouldn’t it be so sad the list stayed a wish until my last breath? So not cool, right?

So even if it’s a pain on the back, I made sure my wish list is something I can realise, as modest as they can be, even though few items really took ages until they came into my household. Ha!

It is pretty satisfying to see items get checked off and off after you made the purchase, and I wouldn’t trade the feeling with other things in the world!

Let’s take a look at some of the checked off items, shall we?
  • Lamaze musical worm for Haifa
  • Heart shaped ramekins
  • Shaklee ESP
  • Wilton 12 pieces decorating set
  • Fossil bracelet watch
  • Guess wallet
  • Gold Bracelet for Haifa
  • Magnetic permanent marker 

Simple wishes right? Heee… now let’s take a peek on few items which had been in the list for ages. 
  • Medela Freestyle
  • KitchenAid Mixer
  • Phillips Avent Steam and Mixer
  • Tupperware Freezermate Essential Set

Of course, you can now guess why they had been up there for ages right?

They are SUPER expensive! Hehe.

How about you? Have you checked off any items on your list lately?

Cik Atun: Sempena CNY, let’s do a shopping spree!

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2 opinions shared

  1. salam kenal,

    Nak dptkan tupperware pd harga ahli tak?


    1. salam kembali...

      kakak saya ahli tupperware... ^^

      tapi terima kasih untuk offer itu ya.


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