Random act of Kindness

10:19:00 AM

I am not a very outspoken person. I am very quiet, often mistaken as an introvert or a person with attitude. To put it in plain words, sombong.

In reality, I am not.

I am comfortable only with group of friends who knew me very well. And truth to be told, after coming back from the UK and got hitched, I don’t really have close friends except for my colleagues at work. I valued them as my friends, of course, but one could say there is distance between us. And I blame our hectic schedules and deadlines at work for that distance. Haha.

But to think about it now, who am I kidding anyway? I actually very rarely got really close to anyone who is not a family. I don’t really know why but apparently it is already programmed in my head, so it is quite hard to change now. Bad habits die hard, right? XD Or let's just say I am a very private person.

So while maintaining safe distance, I usually try my best to respect others well, respect their view of life, respect the choices they make. Because you know, everybody is entitled to do what they wanted to do about their own life. I never said a word about how a then-friend chooses to go on a date with a girl (she’s not a Muslim, so I don’t think I should say anything if the one she like is a girl. What can I say anyway?)

But as I aged, I became a bit of a busybody lately, haha, prying into others life ever so slightly. Only slightly, okay. T_T Am I now carrying a mom’s gene?

Wrong doings, bad choices, which I usually kept mum as long as they doesn’t kacau me, are no longer addressed with the safe approach - alah, pejam sebelah mata sudahlah.

I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to tell them, it’s up to you but really I think it’s a bad move, that sort of thing, but I am afraid to do so. I am afraid to tell them straight to their faces. I don't think I have the courage. I'll chickened out. I just knew.

But yesterday I took a step forward - okay, maybe not a step but a huge leap - telling someone (a stranger to boot) my opinion on something and today I learnt that my view was responded well.

I am close to tears actually after knowing that. I don’t mean to pry on your life, I am sorry if you felt that way. It’s just, I don’t know. A random act of kindness?

Cik Atun: Thank you.

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