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It’s been a while. I know. If I dig my old posts I think there should be a lot more of posts containing this sentence. But I can’t help it, not when your offline life is catching up at a speed which requires your 100% attention, right?

That being said, lots of things happened but my house are still the very same. No organizing project underway since I blew my budget off. Her her… And to where my budget goes, I’ll write up another post (I promise).

Now, you must be wondering why am I writing a full-fledged English entry today. For some reason, I had an epiphany few weeks back. It all started when I tried to have a decent, grammatically correct conversation with a friend and I find myself was at loss of word. I was like, what the hell I am trying to say now?

Sadly enough to admit, I am out of practice when it comes to English. The funny thing about language is, you don’t use it, you lose it. Especially if the language is not your mother tongue.

To have a conversation with a camera (by starting vlog), I don’t think I will have the time. To sign up for Keek? No, don’t get me start on that. My internal phone memory currently used up to 1.5 Gb fromout of total 1.52 Gb. Impressive right? (I don’t even know what’s in there, seriously.)

To use it every day, I mean, speech-wise (is that even a legit word?) at work… kinda awkward. T_T At home… tried with hubby and found out we tend to mumble when conversing in English. Oookkaaaayyyyy. With Haifa? Errr… the responses I got. Babah! Pah! Mak..! Enghhhh!!!!! Waaaa!!!! Kru kru kru…

So, last resort. My dear, little blog. Expect more of me soon.

Cik Atun: Until then. Tada….

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