Forgotten Anniversary

10:43:00 AM

We have been married for...?

The question made me scrambled off to find a calendar and guess what. We both totally forgot our second anniversary last week, on Monday to be exact.

Funny isn't it? I can remember the dates of my little one appointment at clinic which changed just about every month but I failed to remember my own anniversary. T_T

To be honest till this date we haven't do anything to celebrate our second year of marriage. I want to bake but Haifa nowadays are a bit clingy so its hard to do so.

I guess we should find another alternative, like Baskin Robbin or Secret Recipe. Ha!

All and all, happy anniversary sweetheart. A great two years spent, and I hope there will be many more to come. Love you!

Cik Atun: Lets go for our fourth honeymoon when time allows! ^^

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