Wide Awake At 4

4:17:00 AM

I woke up in a start at half past 3. I looked around and realised I accidentally doze off without saying good night to my husband.

Slowly I got off the bed and went to the kitchen, left over from our dinner was still on the table. Albeit the quantity decreased significantly. Hubs must had eaten alone that I feel bad sleeping early.

I begin to clear up every thing and move on packing Baby's clothes and milk to be brought over to her babysitter. I then started to iron hubs clothes as well as my tudung as quietly as possible, trying not to disturb my two sleeping sweethearts.

By the time I finished, the clock strikes 4 and there I lies on the bed trying to go to sleep again.

I look at my husband. At our baby. They are sleeping so peacefully.

I also saw the moon peeking at our window.

I felt utterly blissed. Thank you Allah for this nikmat You showered on me.

Cik Atun: Now, back to sleep.

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