Review: Mc Donalds Burger Nasi Lemak

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If you do not salivate looking at this pic, there must be something wrong with your eyes. And brain. And your salivary gland.  Haha

The burger looks so yums and tempting. That 100 Plus and fries on the back doesn't help. So off we go to have a taste at Mc Donalds in Alamanda. Bear in mind, we are not that hungry at that time but you see, it is  just the power of marketing. We or rather, I, am hopeless against it.

First impression. Smells good. Okay. Lets take a bite.

I tried other version of burger nasi lemak at other fast food joint (which I decline to name) and it was plain disastrous. Why? Because of its sambal. Just like nasi lemak, what ever makes or break it is the sambal. It's okay if the fried ikan bilis is chewy. It's okay even not to have the bilis altogether. It's still okay if the nasi lemak taste like old plain nasi. But when it come to sambal, NO MERCY.

McD's sambal is 👍 

I was half expecting nasi lemak somwhre but who am I kidding, right? Haha The bun taste like regular bun. Lots of caramelised onion (which gets two 👍👍 from me, but not from hubs) and crunchy chicken breast. I'm not really feeling the chicken because of the cornflakes but I do appreciate the effort to make it crunchy. No ikan bilis and ground nuts, which is totally understandable.

My verdict? ⭐⭐⭐/5 stars

I was about to give four stars but the price, oh THE PRICE! Too exorbitant! RM14.95 for ala carte and RM16.95 for a medium set. Would I purchase it again? No, not in near future.

Till then.

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