Public Figure: How to Stop Negativity

8:40:00 AM

I am not a public figure. I am just a blogger, an unknown blogger that is, typing away to document my life since physical journal is so yesterday haha
Some people like a diary more but use whatever rock your boat!
However there's this one public figure I followed on Instagram. She (yes, she is a she) is really admirable, a strong independent woman. She went through her hurdles gracefully and I think she handles herself well too.

However, lately her postings stirred questionable feelings and subsequently, I'm viewing her in a sort of negative light of late. I don't know if her other followers feel the same but before things got out of hand, I decided to stop following her. Take her posts out from my Instagram feed.

She can continue doing what she is doing and I can continue with my life without membawang and adding dosa in my life portfolio.

Thinking about it harder, she does nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong either. She voiced her opinion and I had mine too. Ours clashed so... farewell. Live well and I wish you all the best in everything you do.

Till then.

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