Galaxy S Camera Out of Focus

4:48:00 PM

Have you ever wonder ‘what’s wrong with my phone camera? Everything’s blurry and so out of focus! Maybe I need a new phone.

Fret not!

I found the solution for your problem (mine for ages anyway)!

Ok. First and foremost.

Check whether your phone model is Galaxy S or not. iPhone user? Back off. :P

Now check the cleanliness of your lens. Wipe with clean cloth and check the camera again. Still blurry? Comes the third step.

Go to setting, which is at the bottom left of the camera.

There there... at the bottom left. Press on it. Ok not press. Just tap on it.

Tap on it and you’ll see this interface.

Make sure Focus Mode is Auto Focus. If you set it on Macro, you’ll get blurry picture if you just snap the camera without waiting the lens to focus correctly. Like this.

My baby at the height of cuteness! But blurry pic! ARGGHHHHHH!

I think I accidentally set the Focus Mode at Macro Focus, so that explain why every single time I tried to take picture, I had to hold the phone steady and press on the camera button until the lens zoomed correctly. SO MADDDDD!

But it’s partly my fault so what can I say about it. Doing a post on trivial matter like this is all I can do. To think that there were so many blurry pictures which were taken on very precious moments. SAAAADDDDDD…!

Note to self. Please turn to internet when your phone gets weird.

Cik Atun: *sigh*

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