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Clock is ticking so fast I didn't know where the chunk of my time goes! I mean it feels like a few days ago we welcomed Ramadhan and suddenly its already Zulkaedah and we are all gearing up for Eid again. Where did the time go?

But that aside I am and still making memories with my small family so all is good.

Speaking about memory, I went to the newly opened Mr DIY at Presint 15 a couple of weeks back and was transported to my time in Cardiff circa 2005 looking at a knitting kit. Because 13 years ago, a lovely friend from Lyon taught me how to knit. Her name is Rosaline and until now I was scratching my head trying to recall her last name.

She was an Erasmus student and would be studying in Cardiff for at most one and a half years. I remember vividly when she excitedly came into the kitchen showing me 'Look! I finished my sweater!' and I was like, okay, why the excitement.

She was all 'I knit this myself!'

To tell you the truth, I was super impressed because knitting has long been associated with older women a.k.a. grandmas and there she was, a 20 years old who knit her own damn sweater! Turns out excitement is contagious and soon I was out buying my first pair of knitting needles and skeins of yarn.

I didn't remember her teaching me the knitting terms but she taught me two basic stitch, knit and purl. She did the cast on for me, and taught me 'okay, you need to do this twice, and do this twice. Know you make a scarf first and I will teach you how to knit a sweater. Okay?'

A year passed and I haven't finished my scarf. Roseline went back to France. And my needles and yarn laid in a box, conveniently forgotten.

That kit resurfaced again after 8 years when my mom did a major spring cleaning and in another box it went again. Till date, I had no idea where that new box went. Did my mom accidentally threw it out? Or did I?

Standing in the aisle, looking at that DIY kit, my thoughts were churning like crazy. Let's learn again. I said. Right from the start. So I grabbed the kit and on that very evening, I was diligently searching on the web on how to knit. What are the basic of knitting and so on.

After 13 years of formal-informal lesson from Roseline, I finally knew the first step of putting yarn on the needle is called cast on and there were a range of ways to do it. From easiest to the hardest. Pick one and you are good to go.

Learning on, I find out the pattern Roseline was teaching me is called 2x2 ribbing, which consists of two knit stitches and two purl stitches. The funny thing is, it finally dawned on me that Roseline had tried to explain in details but all her term was in French so she gave up and taught me the easiest pattern she could think of!

But in the end of the day, I am very thankful to Roseline for teaching me how to knit. I do agree that knitters usually knit things to be worn during winter time and yet here I am on the equator knitting away a scarf. As long as I am happy with what I am doing, I guess.

I knit a hat.

Casting on 20mm needle

Finished product

I graduated from straight needle and am trying circular needles and loving it.

on size 7 circular needle

I bought double pointed needles and can't wait to try it when the time came. And I am happily casting on a scarf which I didn't know when would I finish. But when I do, I'll post it in here.

Until then.

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